What if parents could join an online dating service to find potential Matches for their single adult kids?

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ParentsMatchU.com: The Premise

What if parents could join an online dating service that lets *THEM* pick the Matches for their unwed adult offspring? For some parents, this concept is the final "Hail Mary" in their efforts to find a mate for their unlucky-in-love grown kids. For other parents, it's the last chance for grandchildren. Either way, this latest national trend for "prearranged dating" is hot in Austin, Texas! So who are some of the newest members of ParentsMatchU.com? The meddling parents of bachelor “golden boy” Matt Wagner and the exasperated widowed father of oddball Brandy Tappakega. Brandy and Matt don't have a clue that a date has been set, and that's where the fun beings!


ParentsMatchU.com Contest Results

2016: Advanced to the 2nd Round (Top 15%) at the 2016 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. 

2015: Submitted New York Women In Film & Television WritersLab, Blue Cat Screenplay Competition, Final Draft Big Break Contest.


ABOUT THE WRITER: Screenwriter Amy Oakley exchanged her house for an RV, giving her the freedom to find adventure & write from anywhere her heart desires!

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"In August of 2011, I had an epiphany to pursue a life-long dream to travel the United States in an RV and write screenplays and short stories. The message was clear: 'Life is short. If you want to travel & write, don't wait. Do it now!' Three years later, I sold my 3-bedroom house in Central Texas, donated most of my possessions (aka stuff), loaded up my rescue dog Sofie-Darla & The Kitty Crew, and hit the road for adventure!"

Alumna, Baylor University (Waco, TX) & Writers Boot Camp Two-Year Screenwriting Program (Santa Monica, CA)

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